"All My Sons"

Dramatis Personnae
(in alphabetic order)

Jessica Barkl
(Ann Deever)
Jessica Barkl recently relocated to Albuquerque after a 3-year absence. She has her BFA in Acting from Cornish College of the Arts and her MFA in Theatre from Sarah Lawrence College. Recent acting in Albuquerque include: Laura/Chorus, Dust to Dust (NHCC); and Jessie, Beautiful Bodies at the Desert Rose. She has also acted in productions in Walla Walla, WA: Pachuca Trio, Zoot Suit; Madge/Marie, Sherlock Holmes: The Final Adventure; Black Figure in The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940; Crane Hammond in Exit the Body; Annie Sullivan in The Miracle Worker; and the Mute in The Fantasticks. Jessica would like to dedicate this production to her father, who she misses very much.
David Bommarito
(George Deever)
Originally from New Orleans, David began acting with the Department of Performance Studies at Louisiana State University.   He was a member of Kahoots Theater Company, and is elated to be working with this amazing cast.  He would like to thank Jim Cady, the amazing people at Sandoval Regional , and of course, Mr. Arthur Miller.
Bruce Holbrook
(Jim Bayliss)
Bruce returns to The Adobe after a long hiatus since playing the role of the Archbishop of Canterbury in A Man For All Seasons.  Since then, his theater credits include Death Trap, Bus Stop, Viagra Dialogues, Methods To Madness and a sprinkling of independent films, which are not coming to a theater near you.  Bruce is grateful for his patient and supportive wife Lynette, who has endured her husband's acting "journeys" these last fifteen years, and for his son, Adam.....for just being his son.
Kamila Kasparian
(Lydia Lubey)
Kamila is from Hacienda Heights, California and is excited and honored to be part of such an incredible production.  Her favorite past performances include The Taming of the Shrew, The Glass Menagerie, Grande Guignol and directing The Miracle Worker last summer.  She wants to thank Jim for this wonderful opportunity and Donna for her tireless devotion, as well as her husband for his support in every scene, on and off stage.
Heather Lovick-Tolley
(Sue Bayliss)

After sharing the stage with Jim Cady, Heather is thrilled to now be in a show directed by him.  She is currently working on other creative outlets including creating a blog and planning her directorial debut in Albuquerque (here at The Adobe).  She would like to thank her family, immediate and extended, for all of their support in her theatre work.
Jackson Murrieta
Jackson is excited to be in his first play at Adobe. He has been in several performances at Albuquerque Little Theatre, most recently, as Tommy Bailey in It's A Wonderful Life. Jackson has found his passion in performing and hopes to continue acting for a long time. He would like to thank Mr. Jim for giving him this opportunity and his brother for being patient at all the rehearsals!
Lorri Oliver
(Kate Keller)

Lorri's most recent theatrical roles are as Linda Loman in Death of a Salesman; Queen Elizabeth in Richard III; Josie in Moon for the Misbegotten; Noleta in Sordid Lives, and Harriet Piper in The Hatpin. She is a member of SAG and her film and television credits include Longmire, Breaking Bad, Sex and Lies in Sin City, Not Forgotten; The Lost Room and Five Dollars a Day.
Tim Riley
(Frank Lubey)
Tim hails from the state of Indiana and entered the world of show business by way of commercial radio. He has appeared in Shakespeare in Hollywood and Dial 'M For Murder at the Albuquerque Little Theatre. In 2012 he was seen in Witness For The Prosecution at ALT and carried several roles in Macbeth at the Aux Dog Theatre. Tim most recently played Howard in the great American play Death Of A Salesman at The Vortex Theatre in September and is looking forward to doing his first play at The Adobe. Tim would like to say thanks to his family for their support and to Jim Cady and the production staff of All My Sons for another great opportunity.

Phil Shortell
(Joe Keller)

All My Sons, and the role of Joe Keller, marks Phil's third production here in just under one year. He debuted in Albuquerque last March in The Adobe's production of Is Life Worth Living and followed that quickly on the same stage with The Men of Mah Jongg. Phil was last seen at The Vortex as Willy Loman in the critically acclaimed Death of a Salesman. Phil would like to thank The Adobe, his cast mates and especially our stage manager Donna M. Barra and director James Cady for helping him understand that you can indeed teach an old dog new tricks.
Matthew Von Wettering
(Chris Keller)
This is Matthew's third show at The Adobe. Previously, he was shy as Michael "the boots" in Is life Worth Living? and he was sly as Wickham in Pride and Prejudice. Immediately prior to this show Matthew appeared at the Desert Rose Playhouse as Utterson in Jekyll and Hide, The Musical. His film credits include In Plain Sight, A Christmas Kiss, Autumn Harvest and a music video for the band Burst Into Flames. He hopes that everyone enjoys the show!
 Behind the Scenes.
James Cady

Jim began his life as an actor after winning a full scholarship to the Pasadena Playhouse in 1962. After studying in New York with Lee Strasberg, he returned to California, receiving his BA at Cal State Hayward, his MFA in Dramatic Art at Berkeley, and his MFA in directing at UCLA. Jim has directed over 60 plays, most recently Moon for the Misbegotten at The Adobe and Death of a Salesman at The Vortex, and has been seen at both those theaters in his original man show, The Unauthorized Life of Eugene O'Neill.
Laurie McFarland
(Asst. to the Director)

Laurie appeared as Dotty Otley in Noises Off at the Desert Rose Theater in Albuquerque in 2009. Laurie and her husband moved to Albuquerque from Denver, Colorado seven years ago for his work with the Los Alamos National Laboratory. During the day, Laurie is a consulting attorney for mortgage assistance corporations. Laurie is the primary caregiver to one very spoiled thirteen-year-old tabby cat named Oliver. She enjoys singing, reading, and all kinds of needlework crafts.
Donna M. Barra
(Stage Manager)

This is Donna’s eighth show working with James Cady, including her role as the producer of his original one man show, The Unauthorized Afterlife of Eugene O’Neill, which has played at The Adobe, The Vortex and at the Pasadena Playhouse in CA.  She wants to thank her theater family, too numerous to mention (but she will mention Matt, Cy, Jane, Marcelle, Brian, Linda, Michelle, Linda M, Lorri, Phil) for their constant support and love. She sends love to her much-missed family in the cold Northeast, and, as always, thanks to her kittens, Ali and Max, who put up with their Mama’s crazy theater schedule and bring her joy and smiles every day.
Director's Note
All My Sons was Arthur Miller's first hit on Broadway, garnering a New York Drama Critics' Circle Award in 1947. He promised to "choose another profession" if it didn't work. Well, it worked then, and hopefully it works now. I think of Mr. Miller's play as a simple story about a family--and a lie. All good plays are about a lie, and it is the job of the playwright to expose that lie so that the rest of us may live our lives in truth. Congratulations, Mr. Miller.
Play Setting
Act 1 - The Keller's backyard, in an American town, August.
Act 2 - The same evening, as twilight falls.
Act 3 - Two o'clock the following morning.