Adobe Theater Directing Opportunities

The ADOBE THEATER is seeking proposals from directors for plays or musicals to be produced between December 2014 and December 2015. The deadline for applications is May 31, 2014

The ADOBE THEATER presents 10 shows annually. We choose our season from proposals submitted by directors. New talent is always welcome!  Our Artistic Committee reviews all submissions made by directors for recommendation to our Board.

 The proposal form is available for
viewing, printing and downloading immediately below
in your choice of Microsoft Word or Adobe .pdf format.

 Microsoft Word Format  Adobe ,pdf format

For further instructions and information, contact:
Heather Lovick-Tolley, Artistic Committee Chair, at (505) 604-2216 or email:
Inquiries will be addressed as quickly as possible

One (1) copy of the proposal must be accompanied by one (1) copy of the script and three (3) cds of the music (if appropriate) upon submission. Proposals should be complete and thorough and include references. Material submitted will not be returned.

When submitting a proposal, please remember that published works have the best chance, but if a director is enthusiastic about an original script, it will be considered. However, unpublished works MUST be submitted by a committed director.

Directors who wish to work at The ADOBE THEATER, but are unsure what show to propose, may request title suggestions from the Artistic Committee.

Editors, address any questions to:
Heather Lovick-Tolley, Artistic Committee Chair, at (505) 604-2216 or email: