Ticket Information

You can purchase tickets online at Brown Paper Tickets.

You can also purchase tickets via the phone by calling (505) 898-9222, press 1 to be transferred to Brown Paper Tickets and press 1 again to speak to a ticketing agent. BPT ticket agents are available 24/7.


Q: What is a SelecTicket?
A: A SelecTicket is a way for Adobe patrons to purchase tickets in bulk and save on the cost of admission.

  • A SelecTicket provides 6 admissions at the price of 5!
  • A SelecTicket is good for any show and in any combination of numbers, i.e. 3 people can see 2 shows, 1 person can see 6 shows, etc.
  • A SelecTicket Has no expiration date only a maximum # of admissions.

Q: How Much is a SelecTicket?
$75.00 but it can be worth up to $120 in admissions* that could be a savings of $45.00 or over 62%

*based on the general admission price of attending  musical production(s)

Q: How do I get a SelecTicket?
Click HERE to order on-line or if you prefer call 898-9222

 How do I make reservations using the SelecTicket I purchased?

Call the box office at 505-898-9222, extension 3. Let the box office know you are a SelecTicket patron.

You can also make SelecTicket reservations online through Brown Paper Tickets.

**You will need to bring your SelecTicket with you to the show and have it punched.

Thank Thespis It's Thursday

Thespis, according to certain Ancient Greek sources and especially Aristotle, was the first person ever to appear on stage as an actor playing a character in a play (instead of speaking as him or herself).

His name is the origin of the term sometimes used to describe all actors as "thespians"

The thespians who appear on The Adobe Stage Give of their time and talent purely for the love of performing.

Most productions rehearse four or five days a week for six weeks. Rehearsal time contributed by the individual actors often exceeds eighty hours and that doesn't count the time away from rehearsals spent learning their lines.

The Adobe is initiating a policy of putting on one extra performance of each of our productions that will (generally) occur on the Thursday of the third week of the show's four week runs.

The purpose of this extra performance is twofold:

To afford the opportunity for actors performing in other Albuquerque Theaters to see the current production at The Adobe on an evening when their theater is dark.

To take the revenue of that Thursday's performance after expenses and divide this among the cast and crew as a way of helping cover their costs in coming and going to rehearsals and performances at The Adobe over the two and a half months spanned by most of our productions.

Therefore, this performance will NOT have our normal pricing structure but will be offered as:

Pay What You Will!

That's right, YOU decide what you want to pay. If you want to pay our standard general admission ticket price of $17 that's fine. If you want to pay less that's fine as well. On our ticket site you can reserve a ticket for as little as $5.00, but if you're willing to take your chances on seat availablity, you can just walk in the door on show night and drop a buck or even loose change in the jar and see the show.

Now, nothing said above would prevent you from giving more than the price of a standard ticket to help actor/stagehand pay for some of those expensive gallons of gasoline, so please keep that in mind as well.

Thespis would approve!