Theatrical Lighting For Sale

Just a few short months ago The Adobe Theater with the generous help of its patrons and benefactors replaced its older incandescent theatrical lighting system with new more efficeint LED equipment.
We wish to express our thanks over and over again to those individuals and corporations who made this change over possible.
Now this changeover may have provided an opportunity for other members of the Albuquerque theatrical community in that we have some perfectly funtioning incandescent theatrical equipment that we no longer need.
We would be happy to sell this equipment at quite reasonable pricing to other theaters that could make use of it.
A list is provdided in .pdf for just below to see if
there is anything that might prove beneficial to your organization.

pdf list of Available Lighting Equipment

If you have any questions about the equipment of would like to come
and inspect and test it first hand, please contact The Adobe Theater Techical Director Shannon Flynn at:

(505) 401-8624