by Moliere
directed by Micah Linford

Moliere’s classic comedy of hypocrisy Tartuffe, will be brought to The Adobe Theater in April.

Director Micah Linford sees important parallels between the pious fraud of the title and other characters, real and fictional, in every era. [Think of Jim Baker or Elmer Gantry.] He has set this production in the 1930s U.S. with reference to the Depression.

Orgon (George Williams), the father of a large household, has been taken in by the seemingly holy man Tartuffe (Scott Bryan), and adores him absurdly. He ignores the advice of his wife, Elmire (Laira Magnusson), and her brother, Cleante (Adobe regular Alan Hudson), to the extent of foolishly willing his fortune to the fraud. Other characters include the witty maid, Dorine (Laurie McFarland), Orgon’s daughter, Mariane (Katie Mitchell), her suitor, Valere (Bryan Chapman), Orgon’s son, Damis (Quinn Rol) and Orgon’s mother, Madame Pernelle (Patricia Thompson, who most recently performed in Pride and Prejudice) and the bailiff, Monsieur Loyal (Nick Ganjei). All of them see through Tartuffe, who also hopes to marry Mariane and even tries to seduce his benefactor’s wife!

The play was originally produced at Versailles in 1664 and immediately censored by Louis XIV and the French Catholic Church. It has been performed over the centuries in various forms and settings, including a film by Gerard Depardieu and a successful opera by Kirke Mechem. The verse translation by poet Richard Wilbur captures the quality of the original. Audiences will see why the name Tartuffe has become a synonym for a lecherous swindler.

Tartuffe opens at The Adobe Theater on Friday, April 5th and plays through April 28th

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