Pack of Lies

by Hugh Whitemore
directed by Joann Danella

Today we are all more alert to dangers (real and imaginary) and to abuses of  surveillance.  But what if “suspicious activity” is seen in neighbors who are close friends?  Who do you “Say Something” to? And if the authorities asked you to help spy on those friends secretly, how would you feel?

Such questions are treated in Hugh Whitemore’s play, Pack of Lies, opening at The Adobe Theater on January 10th.  Experienced director Joann Danella has chosen this tense drama, based on real events, to launch our 2014 season.  She has previously directed 14 shows at The Adobe ranging from comedy (Belles, The Odd Couple) to serious (Proof, The Day They Shot John Lennon) to downright scary (Scotland Road), and has also worked at other local theaters for 15 years. “This play,” she says, “will entertain and raise questions about the effect on ordinary people of national security issues, but also matters of personal loyalty, friendship and betrayal.”

English playwright, Whitemore, first turned the true events of 1960 into a TV documentary. However, the story seemed to call for a full-length stage presentation, slightly fictionalizing the characters and providing several notable and revealing monologues. In London, the central role of Barbara Jackson was performed by Judi Dench. The NYC production of 1985 had the wonderful Rosemary Harris as Barbara, and Patrick McGoohan as the government agent who asks the Jacksons to assist in the surveillance of their neighbors.

In The Adobe production, the Jacksons will be played by Bridget S. Dunne and Pete Alden, with Sage Hughes as their daughter, Julie.  The neighbors, on whom they are asked to spy, are Adobe regulars Teresa Kizziah and Michael Girlamo.  Ray Orley is the government agent and the surveillance agents are Adrienne Cox and Beth Welt.

Pack of Lies has been performed all over the world to high acclaim, and it seems just as relevant today as we wonder whom we can really trust.

Pack of Lies by Hugh Whitemore opens at The Adobe Theater on January 10th and plays through February 2nd

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