by Richard Atkins
Directed by Cheryl Atkins

Delikatessen chronicles the story of two brothers (performed by Richard Atkins and Scott Claunch), orphaned in The Holocaust, who own a struggling Jewish delicatessen in New York City, circa 1972. Their livelihood is threatened by a new, larger, German deli preparing to open across the street. The play follows the intense friction between the Jewish and German factions, and how that struggle profoundly affects the current and next generations of everyone in the story. Other members of the cast are Georgia Athearn, David Bentley, Marteena Bentley, Joel Miller, Ray Orley, Justin Raper, Sharon Sprague and Elliot Stenzel.

Playwright Richard Atkins (The Men of Mah Jongg) states, “We can never shy away from stories regarding the Holocaust, as we do a disservice to the survivors and their families as well as the memories of those lost and their relatives.” He says recent events, such as the killings at a Jewish Deli during the recent Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris, makes DelikateSSen quite timely. Atkins says anti-Semitism has grown at home and abroad, and “we need to prepare ourselves for what is to come.”

Atkins’ wife Cheryl directs DelikateSSEN, and says that while the play is angst-ridden, and very passionate, its underlying themes deal with forgiveness and love. “It’s a roller coaster of emotions,” she says, “that will have you thinking long after the curtain has fallen!”

Delikatessen was one of six finalists from over four hundred scripts submitted to the prestigious Abingdon Theatre in New York City for the Christopher Brian Wolk playwriting award.

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