by William Inge
Directed by Darryl Streeter

It’s Labor Day, and the people of a small Kansas town are busy preparing for their annual celebration. A handsome young drifter, Hal Carter, shows up unexpectedly, hoping an old fraternity brother can help him with a job. Hal’s dynamic presence and brash personality creates excitement, uncertainty, and conflict that makes everyone in town to question their heretofore predictable and comfortable lives. When he meets local girl Madge, their fireworks rival those of the Labor Day celebration.

Picnic, written by William Inge (Bus Stop; Come Back Little Sheba) was first performed on Broadway in 1953. Paul Newman understudied “Hal,” and later took over the role from Ralph Meeker. Picnic won both the 1953 Pulitzer Prize for Drama and the New York Drama Critic’s Circle Award. A successful film 1955 film adaptation starred William Holden (Sunset Boulevard; The Bridge On The River Kwai) and Kim Novak (Bell, Book and Candle; Vertigo).

Director Daryl Streeter says The Adobe Theater’s presentation of Picnic “reflects the reality of time and place, of people hemmed in by the need to perform their daily domestic tasks and make a living, of young people dreaming big and living small.” The role of Hal is played by Nick Fleming, and Madge is portrayed by Kiersten Johnson. The cast also includes, Brian Wise, Kimberly Sengir, H.K. Phillips, Carolyn Hogan, Kenneth West, Gail Gillock Spidle, Drea Maletta, Kristen Stephenson, and Jackson Krebbs.

Picnic opened at The Adobe Theater on Friday, August 7th and ran 4 weekends through Sunday, August 30th.

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