Come Blow Your Horn

Written by Neil Simon
Directed by Marty Epstein

Come Blow Your Horn was the springboard script for Neil Simon, one of America’s most beloved comedic playwrights. It opened on Broadway on February 22, 1961, and ran for 677 performances. The New York Times said Come Blow Your Horn was “A slick, lively, funny comedy…smoothly plotted and deftly written…Mr. Simon has served up a multitude of sprightly lines. Best of all, he has provided some explosively hilarious moments rooted in character.” Come Blow Your Horn was quickly followed by other comedy showpieces like Barefoot In The Park (1963), The Odd Couple (1965), Sweet Charity (1966), Promises, Promises (1968), The Sunshine Boys (1972), Murder by Death (1976),Rumors (1988), and The Goodbye Girl (1993), just to mention a few.

Semi-autobiographical, Come Blow Your Horn is the story of young and inexperienced Buddy Baker, who leaves his parent’s home to live with his “ladies’ man” older brother, Alan. Both Buddy and Alan work for their father, who sells wax fruit. Buddy wants to write plays for television or the theater. His father says wax fruit provides a more stable future. ’’Plays can close,” he tells Buddy. “Television you turn off. Wax fruit lays in a bowl till you’re a hundred.’’ Add to this mix a mother who is adept at emotional manipulation and prone to hysterics, and several several serious and casual girlfriends, and the stage is set for fireworks all around.

Neil Simon was born on July 4th, 1927, and grew up in New York during the Great Depression. His parents suffered financially, and that colored their relationship to each other and their son. (he characterized his parent’s marriage as “tempestuous”) To escape difficulties at home, Simon often took refuge in movie theaters. He especially enjoyed comedies with silent stars like Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, and Laurel and Hardy “I was constantly being dragged out of movies,” he said, “for laughing too loud.” He has also said:”I think part of what made me a comedy writer is the blocking out of some of the really ugly, painful things in my childhood and covering it up with a humorous attitude, to do something to laugh until I was able to forget what was hurting.”

Director Marty Epstein has gathered an experienced cast of Adobe regular and newcomers. They are: Michael Weppler (Alan Baker), John Goffard (Buddy Baker), Philip J. Shortell (Father), Alaina Warren Zachary (Mother), Adrienne Valdez (Peggy), and Heather Donovan (Connie).


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