Funny Money

Written by Ray Cooney
Directed by Andrea Haskett

Henry Perkins is a mild mannered accountant who – up to now – has lived a pretty routine life. It’s his birthday, and he is looking forward to a quiet dinner with his wife, Jean, and their good friends Vic and Betty Johnson. Just a nice, simple celebration perfectly suited to a man who has little excitement in his life. That plan goes right out the window, though, when Henry discovers the briefcase he is carrying is not full of his papers, pencils, memos, etc., but stuffed with cash! Lots of cash! LOTS AND LOTS OF CASH!

That’s the setup for Ray Cooney’s wonderful comedy Funny Money. The show delighted London audiences for two solid years, and then charmed audiences in France for over three years more. Since being made available for general performance, Funny Money has entertained audiences wherever it has played. It is, after all, a situation just about everyone has wondered about…what would you do if you picked up the wrong briefcase on your way home from work and it was full of cash? Henry decides he wants to keep it and get out of town. Of course, that is easier said than done.

First, there’s are his dinner guests, the Johnsons. How to get them to go home so Henry and Jean can disappear? Who’s that knocking at the door? The police?! What else could possibly go wrong? A lot! A man carrying Henry’s briefcase is fished out of the river, a bullet hole in his head, so more police arrive to give Jean the ‘bad news.’ Then, of course, there are the bad guys…’Mister Nasty’ and ‘Mister Big.’

Funny Money, directed by Andrea Haskett (recently seen in Dancing at Lughnasa, The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail, and The White-Headed Boy), opens Friday, July 7th, 2017 and runs through Sunday, July 30th. Friday and Saturday performances start at 7:30pm, and Sunday matinees start at 2:00pm. There is a special ‘Pay What You Will’ performance on Thursday, July 27th, at 7:30pm, where all proceeds benefit the cast and crew of the show.

All Opening Weekend tickets are $10. After that, tickets are $17 General Admission, with $14 Discount Admissions offered for Seniors, Students, Albuquerque Theater Guild/Theater members, Active/Retired Military Personnel, and First Responders. Tickets may be purchased at The Adobe Theater also offers a ‘SelecTicket’ – six shows for the price of 5- no expiration, for $75. The theater is located at 9813 4th Street, NW in Albuquerque.

Appearing in Funny Money are Tim Riley (Henry Perkins), Jennifer Benoit (Jean Perkins), Chris Gonzales (Bill), Neil Faulconbridge (Davenport), Ericka Zapeda (Betty Johnson), Daniel Anaya (Vic Johnson), Jesse Miller (Slater), & Vince Tomardy (A passerby). Director Andrea Haskett says the show is a lot of fun. “The thing about a great farce is the number of doors and timing. So come for the farce and stay for the shtick!”

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