Sanctuary: A Medieval Murder Mystery

Written by W.G. Allen
Directed by George Williams

The Adobe Theater, known as the “little hidden jewel in the North Valley,” frequently premieres original works by local authors in its season offerings. In 2016, The Adobe delighted audiences by presenting both Rich Rubin’s Caesar’s Blood and Joseph Sorrentino’s The Gavones of Philadelphia. In 2015, The Adobe produced Richard Atkins DelikateSSen and Peter Fisk’s A Crack In The Wall. 2013 saw W.G.Allen’s Lost Letter, a poignant romance set in the mythical town of Oxbow, Oklahoma, during the Dust Bowl.

Mr Allen’s newest script, Sanctuary: A Medieval Murder Mystery will be premiered at The Adobe in February, 2017. The leap from 1930’s Oklahoma to 14th Century England seems like quite a jump, but Allen says it all makes sense. “I was raised in Oklahoma,” he says, “and read and re-read everything in the local library about Medieval England. King Arthur, Robin Hood, Ivanhoe, Richard The Lion Hearted, Wicked King John, and The Crusades. You name it, I read it again and again.”

Sanctuary: A Medieval Murder Mystery is set in 1349. Edward the Third is King, Clement the Sixth is Pope, and The Black Death – The Plague – is well on its way to destroying one-third of the island’s population. In a small un-named town, young Thomas Fletcher, accused of murder, claims sanctuary in a small chapel overseen by Father Amaury D’Godfrey. Thomas swears he is innocent, but can offer no proof. The King’s Knight responsible for law and order in the area agrees with Thomas’ accusers and is prepared to hang the boy. Father Amaury is torn between his duty as a priest, his friendship with the Knight, his fondness for the murder victim, and the possibility that Thomas is indeed innocent. In the midst of this dilemma, Father Amaury is visited by his younger sister who brings tragic news from home. A complex plot, realistic characters, and a surprise ending combine to make Sanctuary: A Medieval Murder Mystery a very satisfactory night of theater.

Director George A. Williams has assembled a fine cast of Adobe Theater regulars and newcomers for the show, including Stephen Zamora as Father Amaury, Ronda Lewis as Lady Anna D’Lacey, Clifton Chadwick as Sir Walter Nesbitt, Yannig Morin as Sir William Nesbitt, Larry Welz as Cedric, Marie Nido as Goodwife Baker, Emma Tyrrell as Lucy, Riley Carson Lewis as Thomas Fletcher, and Will Zmroczek as Robbie Stoneman.

Sanctuary: A Medieval Murder Mystery opened on Friday, February 10th and played 4 weekends through Sunday, March 5th, 2017. Fridays and Saturdays at 7:30pm and Sundays at 2:00pm, with a ‘Pay What You Will’ performance (proceeds are shared between the cast and crew) on Thursday, February 23rd, at 7.30pm.

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