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In 1957, the people of Corrales NM got together to create a Community Theater, and named it The ADOBE Theater. They acted, directed, hammered and painted sets, sewed and fitted costumes and did all the other thousand-and-one things that make a theater work. Children were recruited to act and work backstage, to greet patrons with smiles and programs at the door and, best of all, to grow up loving the excitement of Live Theater – on both sides of the footlights.

The ADOBE has had many homes since first opening its doors in the old Corrales Trading Post. Performances have since been presented in many different venues, including school auditoriums, an old coffin factory and, from 1963-1987, in the old historic San Ysidro Church.

In 1988 the theater moved to a storefront in the Las Tiendas de Corrales shopping center at Alameda Boulevard and Corrales Road. Until that time, the theater had only presented a summer season, but the decision was made to begin a year-round operation in that 50-seat venue.

It was small, crowded, and there was a ceiling support beam in the middle of the first row – but the theater experienced steady growth and increased popularity during the years spent at the Las Tiendas site.

In 1995, thanks to the tremendous support of our friends and patrons, we were able to establish our current facility at 9813 Fourth Street NW in Albuquerque’s North Valley; a 90-seat, intimate “thrust” style performance space with unobstructed views and plenty of room for audience and performers.

Today, The ADOBE Theater continues the mission that began that summer long ago: “To present the finest theatrical performances to our community; to provide an educational vehicle to produce plays, musicals and other entertainments – and furnish an opportunity for learning experiences for theater enthusiasts of all ages with any degree of experience.”

Though we hope to remain in our present location for years to come, we look forward to some time in the future when we may be able to occupy our own permanent facility. Toward that end, donations to our building fund or financial sponsorships of our productions are always welcome.

From the first, the Adobe has been an all-volunteer organization. Whether on-stage, back stage or in our audience, come and join in the fun!

The Adobe Theater is a non-profit organization, and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, physical impairment, sex, sexual preference, age, creed or national origin.

The Adobe Theater 2021 Board of Directors


Nancy Sellin

Georgia Athearn




Vice President



Barbara Boyd

Dan Ware  Secretary
Members At Large

Mary MacGyver, Daniel Anaya, Denielle Johnson

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