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You can have your advertisement seen by as many as 1,000 or more people who have need for your product/service
and who regularly spend money to attend live theater.

Just place an ad in The Adobe Theater Program for one (or more) of our productions.

The rates are reasonable and the results might surprise you!

Ad sizes and costs
Page is 5.5 X 8

Ad Size
(Pt. Page)
4 show
5 show
1/8 $40 $136 $170
1/4 $70 $238 $298
1/2 $100 $340 $425
Full $150 $510 638
The cost per contact ranges from 3 and one half cents at the smallest size and lowest commitment to less than 3 cents at the at the smallest size and highest commitment and is proportional as ad size increases you can’t approach that value with direct mail! Contact us at for complete details


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