October 11, 2019


November 3, 2019

Filled with strong, colorful, comedic characters, a strong supporting cast of many dozens, and an abundance of witty dialogue, The Adobe Theater’s not-to-be-missed production of Clare Boothe Luce’s "The Women," directed by James Cady is sure to delight audiences, both young and old.


October 12, 2019


November 3, 2019

An Obie Award-winning whirlwind tour of a forbidden zone, The Vagina Monologues introduces a wildly divergent gathering of female voices, including a six-year-old girl, a septuagenarian New Yorker, a vagina workshop participant, a woman who witnesses the birth of her granddaughter, a Bosnian survivor of rape, and a feminist happy to have found a man who “liked to look at it.” This show is running concurrently with "The Women." The performances are at 2pm on Saturdays and 7:30pm on Sundays. Admission is $15.


November 22, 2019


December 22, 2019

an original work...


The 2020 Season

January 17, 2020
February 9, 2020

Two down-and-out English actors hear that an American lady is about to die and leave her fortune to her long-lost English relatives. When they try to pass themselves off as her beloved heirs, the actors find out the relatives are actually nieces. Hilarity ensues. 


February 21, 2020
March 15, 2020

"Doubt can be a bond as powerful and sustaining as certainty." Sister Aloysius believes Father Flynn has molested a young student. What should she do with her certainty, since there is no proof? "Doubt" won the Pulitzer and a Tony in 2005 for playwright John Patrick Shanley. 


April 3, 2020
April 26, 2020

A roving photographer on assignment to shoot the historic bridges of Madison Country meets a housewife, whose husband and children are away. They play traces a brief affair, never sordid, of two soulmates who have met too late. Based on the blockbuster novel and hit movie. With music and lyrics by Jason Robert Brown ("Five Years") and book by Marsha Norman ("'night Mother"), "Bridges" won multiple Tonys and Drama Desk awards. 


May 15, 2020
June 7, 2020

Raina hides a fleeing soldier, who shows her that war is not the romantic adventure that society believes it is. This witty comedy was one of Shaw's first commercial and literary successes. When called on stage after the first performance, amidst the cheers, one audience member booed. Shaw replied, in characteristic fashion, "My dear fellow, I quite agree with you, but what are we two against so many?"


June 26, 2020
July 19, 2020

A comedy/drama about four women who meet in the 70's. One, a photographer who takes a group portrait then and every year over the course of 40 years, unearths secrets forcing the women to question who they are, what they've become, and how they'll navigate whatever lies ahead. "[Obie-winning Susan] Miller...hopes to demonstrate that when women turn 60 they don't suddenly become sexless, charmless, invisible." — The New York Times. 


August 7, 2020
August 30, 2020

A truly horrific story about a woman't "pet" ape turns into a subversive comedy about fame, communication, and the lies we humans tell ourselves. Playwright Nick Jone wrote for Netflix on "Orange is the New Black" and "GLOW."


September 10, 2020
September 27, 2020

Jason Robert Brown's staged concert of character sports a varied cast and show tunes, from jazz to pop, that range from hilarious to heartwarming. "In desperate need of a restorative evening? Here's one." — The New York Times. 


October 16, 2020
November 8, 2020

Agatha Christie returns to The Adobe with this classic whodunit. Murder is afoot at The Hollow during the weekend, with plenty of guests and the family of Sir Henry Angkatell on hand as suspects. An English manor house mystery in the grand tradition


November 27, 2020
December 20, 2020

The funny, true story of eleven mature ladies in a small English village who famously posed nude for a calendar to raise money for the Leukemia Research Fund, their "wobbly bits" cleverly masked by pastry. Based on the film starring Helen Mirren. 


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