Arms and the Man by George Bernard Shaw
Directed by Georgia Athearn

Auditions will be held by appointment on February 29 from 12pm to 4pm at Adobe Theater

Open Auditions on Sunday March 1 in Adobe Theater “Casa” from 4pm to 6:30pm

Call Backs Monday March 2nd 6pm

To schedule an appointment and obtain a copy of the scenes to be read please email Director at or call 505-350-7757 and leave a message.

Roles available

Raina (Mid 20s) The play’s protagonist and heroine.  Born into a wealthy Bulgarian family.  She is a true romantic.

Bluntschli (Mid 30’s) Also known as the “Chocolate Cream Soldier”.  He is currently fighting for Serbia but has no invested interest in who wins the war.  He is a professional soldier from Switzerland.

Sergius (Mid 30’s) Raina’s fiancé and hero of the Battle of Slivnitsa, although he has no military skills.

Catherine (50’s) Raina’s mother and matriarch of the Petkoff household. She wants to marry her daughter to someone of wealth and prosperity (Sergius).

Louka (Mid to late 20s) The Petkoff’s female servant who has lofty ideals and does not want to be a servant.  She is romantic and very practical.

Nicola (40’s) Head male servant of the Petkoff family.  He believes Louka is engaged to him but is willing to give her up for his own dream of opening a little shop in Sophia.

Major Petkoff has been cast

Rehearsals will begin the week of March 23rd. Production dates May 15 through June 7