From the master of period-perfect farce, Ken Ludwig, comes this fast-paced comedy, set in the Earlanger Theatre in Buffalo in 1953. Charlotte and George Hay are on tour with a repertory consisting of Cyrano de Bergerac and Noel Coward’s Private Lives, when they receive word that they might just have one last shot at stardom. Famous film director Frank Capra is coming to town to see their matinee. Mistaken identities, outrageous plot twists, slapstick comedy, and a slew of self-obsessed performers desperately try to keep things from falling apart.

Auditions will be held at the Adobe Theater, 9813 4th St NW, Albuquerque, NM 87114

Saturday, March 10th: 11am-5pm
Sunday, March 11th: 6pm-10pm

Production Dates: May 25 to June 17, 2018

Format: Open Call, Cold Readings from the Script.


George Hay (Male 50’s) A traveling actor who along with his wife Charlotte runs the theatre company. Strong physical comedy.

Charlotte Hay (Female 50’s) George’s wife. Plays any lead roles even when she is a bit too old for the roles. Physical comedy.

Ethel (Female 60’s/70’s) Charlotte’s mother. Grumpy, trouble maker, very hard of hearing.

Rosalind Hay (Female 20’s/very early 30’s) Charlotte and George’s daughter.

Eileen (Female 20’s very early 30’s) Aspiring actress, eager to please.

Howard (Male 30’s/40’s) A TV weatherman and Rosalind’s fiancé. Comes across as a wimp, annoying and nervous. Physical comedy.

Paul (Male 30’s/40’s) Actor and stage manager of the acting troupe. Used to be Rosalind’s boyfriend and wants her back. Physical comedy.

Richard (Male 40’s/50’s) The Hay’s attorney who is in love with Charlotte.

For additional information, please contact director Lewis Hauser

Audition Sides:

Side 1: Ethel Roz
Side 2: Roz Howard
Side 3: George Charlotte
Side 4: Charlotte George
Side 5: Richard Charlotte
Side 6: Eileen George
Side 7: Paul Roz
Side 8: Paul Roz
Side 9: George
Side 10: Charlotte Howard