AUDITIONS:  TARTUFFEby Moliere, (Richard Wilbur translation)


Run dates; May 31 – June 23

Rehearsal dates; April 22 -May 31

Directed by; Mario Cabrera

Saturday, February 16, Noon -3 PM

Sunday, February 17, 6 PM- 9 PM

Possible Call backs Monday, February 18.

Readings will be from script sides available at the theatre the day of auditions.

“Tartuffe” is being set in the Post-Civil War South, so southern accents will be needed for most characters.

Roles available:

*The roles ofTartuffe, Dorine, Orgon & Elmire have been cast. *

Cleante ~ 30 – 50, Elmire’s brother, he’s the voice of reason and calm

Damis ~ 17-25, Orgon’s son by his first wife; an uncontrollable hothead

Valere ~ 17-25, Mariane’s suitor, the love of her life

Loyal/Officer ~ 25 Plus, A bailiff who serves eviction papers to Orgon, who is the “Officer” in disguise

Marianne ~ 17-25, Hopelessly in love with Valere, daughter of Orgon

Mme. Pernelle ~ 60 plus, Orgon’s mother; totally deluded by Tartuffe