Auditions will be held at the Adobe Theater on:

  • Saturday, September 8 from 2:00-5:00
  • Sunday, September 9 from 5:00-9:00

PERFORMANCE DATES: November 30 – December 23

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to email the director at:

You will be asked to read from the script. There will be sides at the audition that you can study. If you can read the play before the audition, it would be helpful, but not necessary. Please be prepared to stay and read with various people in different combinations and scenes. The director has not pre-cast and wants to give everyone the best shot possible. (You will be asked to attempt a British accent.)

Henry II King of England (age 50-65+): Henry is 50 at a time when men were either old or dead. He is enjoying the final rush of physical and mental vigor that comes to some men not before the end but before the start of the decline.

Alais: A French Princess (age 20-25). Alise is 23, serenely beautiful and gentle.

Eleanor: Henry’s wife (age 55-70). Eleanor is 61 and looks nothing like it. She has great temperament, authority and presence. She has been a queen of international importance for forty-six years and you know it. She is a genuinely feminine woman thoroughly capable of holding her own in a man’s world.

Richard Lionheart: The oldest son (age 25-35+). Richard, at 26, looks like his legend. He is handsome, graceful and impressive. He has been a famous soldier since his middle teens, and justly so; war is his profession and he is good at it.

Geoffrey: The middle son (age 24-30+). Count of Brittany and, at age 25, is a man of steely energy and verve. He is attractive, charming, and the owner of the best brain of a brainy family.

John: the youngest son (age 15-19+). John, at age 16 is a charming looking boy, sweet-faced, adorable, and spoiled.

Philip: King of France (age 17-20+). Philip is impressive for a man of 17. He is well-proportioned and handsome. His manner is open, direct and simple. He has been King of France for three years and has learned a great deal.