Noon to 4 on the 26th of May. Appointments only.

For an appointment or questions, please email director Pete Parkin or text 818-207-8412

Rehearsing in July and playing in August


Git-late 50’s early 60’s- shrimp boat captain. Strong Irish background. Has a personality that belies his size. Has a strong relationship with the Gulf waters.

Little Git- 30’s second in command on the shrimp boat. Strapping young man will inherit the family business, whether he wants it or not.

Annie- late 20’s Littles fiancé- no nonsense career nurse. Totally in love with this family.

Driven into a sudden, vicious storm in the Gulf of Mexico a young man fights for his life  on the water while his parents and lover grapple with their own ghosts of the past and hopes for the future on shore as they wait. THE WAIT is a gripping look at people caught in a crisis with reverberations from their past often drowning them in waves they can’t conquer, while the malevolence of the knowing storm outside fuels the fears within their hearts inside. It is an emotional study of hearts and minds, courage and cowardice crashing head on. Their survival depends upon their beliefs and their faith.