Dinner with the Boys

By Dan Lauria

Directed by Rhonda Ware

“Dinner with the Boys” is a comedy about the mob and their two favorite pastimes: killing and eating.
When Charlie and Dom, two wise guys from the old neighborhood, find themselves at odds with the Family, they must serve up perfectly seasoned performances with their spicy puttanesca to escape danger. This odd couple await their fate as they prepare dinner for their special guests.

Auditions for Dinner with the Boys will be taking place by appointment on Zoom June 12th-13th.

Email dwtbauditions@gmail.com to schedule an audition.

Dom – The jovial cook for over 30 years of the Mob family of Big Anthony Sr.
Charlie – The back up to Leo- the renowned & infamous hit man of Big
Anthony Senior’s crime family. (mid to late 50s)
Big Anthony Jr. – Now the head of the crime family started by his father,
Anthony, is a screaming maniac on the edge. (mid-40s)
The Uncle Sid – The book keeper of the Mob family. He is a kindly killer at
heart. (60s-70s)

Please attach a picture and resume if you have one.
Rehearsals begin first week in August. Production dates: October 15-
November 7 (weekends)