By Valery Daemke, Doreen Dunn, Kathleen Gaffney, Nancy Sellin
Directed by Nancy Sellin

Friday, October 23 and Saturday October 24 at 7:30pm, Sunday, October 25 at 2:00pm

In creating this collage of the lives of real pioneer women, the authors discovered that what was expressing itself was a kind of courage, a power, a way of life. It became clear that what was being unveiled was their spirit—the kind of spirit that transcends a specific period of history and becomes a recognizable, universal symbol to all people facing new frontiers. Frontiers is a play with a pulse. The pulse of Frontiers is the heartbeat of the women who came, stayed, lived, and died on the American frontier.

“As a whole, Frontiers looks to be somewhat of a masterwork, as if the souls of the pioneers have taken control of the stage to tell a curious world just how it was they lived and dreamed … and it remains haunting long after the final curtain.” Variety Magazine, LA

Rhonda Ware (Carrie, Neddie, Sarabeth, Clare, Sarah White)
Georgia Athearn (Tree Woman, Alma, Amanda, Rose, Blanket Woman)
Carolyn Hogan (Susannah, Emma Bell, Gran, Jolene, Mrs. Gavin, Mama, Theresa Howard Dean)
Sarah Kesselring (Louise, Petrel, Mrs. Duncan, Mrs. Trombley, Anna Brewster Morgan)
Hannah Davis (Elizabeth, Mrs. Woodward, Miss Farmer, Jemma, Emily, Millie)
Lorri Oliver (Lucy, Mrs. Farmer, Virginia, Ancestor, Lavinia)