The Adobe Theater in association with Two Worlds NM Presents Native American Voices: five short plays written and directed by Native Americans. Each play expresses the humanity that we all share and that ultimately brings us closer together.

The plays will be available through video on demand from August 13th-August 22nd. Tickets are available here.

To learn more about Two Worlds NM, visit their website at


They Shoot Basketballs, Don’t They? By Claude Jackson, Jr.

An NBA scout is called to the Reservation to look at a potential player.  When the 5’5” player is pointed out, the scout laughs, saying that the kid will never be NBA material. But, of course, there is more to the story.

Dust and Disobedience by Vivian M Carroll

In an imaginary summer after Little Big Horn and before Wounded Knee, two women of different cultures poetically reminisce about the way things were.

Cashed Out by Claude Jackson Jr.

A woman with a gambling addiction agrees to stop after she wins big. Her Auntie and her daughter want to believe her but has she really changed?

Article 13 or How Manhattan Was Sold, a comedy by Alan Kilpatrick

In 1626, New Netherland (present day New York City), the sale of Manhattan Island hinges on one unusual condition.

Birthday Brunch by Jen Olivares

Tiffany, an artist in a worldwide pandemic is without a stable home. She returns to her Native community and sees her family after many years. Initial awkwardness turns into love and acceptance.