Written and Directed by Pete Parkin

Friday October 2nd and Saturday October 3rd, 7.30pm, Sunday October 4th at 2pm

A group of nurses that served together in the Vietnam war agree to meet at the Women’s Memorial in Washington DC after many years to reminisce and have a champagne toast to survival.

The stories were taken from actual conversations with many of these nurses over a period of time. Additional monologues were created by dramatizing stories about nurses from the Revolutionary, Civil, WWI, WWII and Korean wars. The six characters that meet in this play are composites of many different nurses.


Debi Kierst – Lynda
Lorri Oliver- Hollywood
Merritt C. Glover – Rocky
Georgia Athearn – Paleface
Denielle Johnson – Ringo
Anastasia Price – Patty
Jill Novick – Meatball
Grace Lapsys – Cheerleader