by Moliere
directed by Mario Cabrera

Set against the backdrop of the post-Civil War South, Orgon, a man of property is duped by the false piety of Tartuffe, a penniless conman. Orgon takes him into his house, believing him a paragon of virtue. Dorine, the family servant, Orgon’s wife and other members of the family try to expose Tartuffe but most of their strategies comically misfire. Their attempts only anger Orgon, and to prove paternal power, he disinherits his son and makes Tartuffe his heir. Tartuffe finally shows his colors, and with the bailiff at the door ordering Orgon to vacate his own home and with Tartuffe filing suit to prove Orgon’s a traitor, all seems lost.

TTartuffe: David Nava
Orgon: Timothy Kupjack
Dorine: Angela Littleton
Elmire: Fawn Hanson
Cleante: Ruben Muller
Mme. Pernelle: Alaina Warren Zachary
Damis: Caleb Ramsell
Marianne: Symone Platania
Valere: Colin Stapleton
Loyal/Officer: Robert Baca