by Clare Boothe Luce
directed by James Cady

Written by the charismatic Claire Boothe Luce, herself a former congresswoman, U.S. Ambassador, magazine editor, journalist and prominent member of New York City’s society circles, The Women’s juicy, wicked, and full of guilty fun. It is both a scathing comic commentary on the superficial lives of Upper Eastside socialites, and a knowing, heartfelt depiction of romantic rivalry, toxic friendships, and the thousands of supporting roles women play in offices, salons, and their own lives.

An instant smash on its Broadway debut, The Women, featuring an all-female cast, has enjoyed numerous revivals featuring a veritable “who’s who” of theater talent.

The play focuses on Mary Haines, a well-off woman living in New York City who is the envy of her friends, boasting a wholesome, happy marriage, adorable children, and a comfortable home. Unfortunately, her world comes crashing when her friend, gossip-hungry Sylvia Fowler discovers that Mary’s husband Stephen Haines has been having an affair with Crystal Allen, a sultry, gold-digging man-eater, who sets her traps behind the perfume counter at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Sylvia arranges, in humiliating fashion, for Mary to hear of the affair, and so Mary’s painful dilemma is created: keep silent, keep her marriage, and condone her husband’s cheating ways… or divorce him, making way for her rival to step into her place?

This all-female production features a cast made of up some of the Albuquerque area’s finest actors (many who will be playing multiple roles) including: Michelle Eiland (Jane), Stephanie Jones (Ms. Nancy Blake), Megan Pribyl (Peggy), Lorri Oliver (Sylvia), Jenny Miller (Edith), Janine O’Neill Loffelmacher (Mary), Staci Robbins (Countess De. Lage), Jennifer Benoit (Ms. Miriam Aarons), Alina Horak, (Little Mary Haines), Mary MacGyver (Mrs. Morehead), Christy Burbank (Ms. Crystal Allen), Carolyn Hogan (Maggie/Pedicurist/Woman in Distress), Georgia Athern (Lucy/Second Saleswoman/Dowager), Elizabeth Olton (Exercise Instructress/Sadie/Euphie), Jasa Pricer (Olga/Helene/Second Girl Cutie), Nazneen Akhtar Rahim (Ms. Watts/Ms. Fordyce/Fitter/First Society Woman), Joni Lloyd (Ms. Shapiro/Maternity Nurse/Second Society Woman), McKenzie Ross (Ms. Trimmerback, Princess Tamara), Karissa Noelle (First Hairdresser/First Salesgirl/First Girl) and Rebecca Grace (Second Hairdresser/Second Sales Girl/Cigarette Girl).

Filled with strong, colorful, comedic characters, a strong supporting cast and an abundance of witty dialogue, The Adobe Theater’s not-to-be-missed production of Clare Boothe Luce’s The Women, directed by James Cady is sure to delight audiences, both young and old.

The Women opens on Friday, October 11, and runs through Sunday, November 3.