by Andy Mayo
directed by James Cady
starring Vernon Poitras

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WISH UPON A STAR…unauthorized intimate reflections with Walt Disney, written by Andy Mayo, directed by James Cady and starring Vernon Poitras. The production, nearly three years in the making, is the brain child of Poitras and has been carefully crafted by Mayo and Cady. It is a unique look at Walt Disney the man, what made him tick, his hopes and dreams, successes and failures, the motivations behind his creative genius and a peek behind the curtain of his personal life. It is based on the narratives of several biographies and the words of Walt Disney himself. Poitras says, “The idea is to present a real and honest look, warts and all, at this true creative genius who forever changed the world of family entertainment. And despite many deep and challenging struggles, reminded us that the happiest place on earth is in our hearts and imaginations.” The show is based on an event that has long been rumored by several sources, but never proved. The rumor is that just weeks before his passing from lung cancer Walt Disney, knowing that his doctors had given him just a few months or weeks to live, made a private film only to be shown after his death to his ten longtime core animators and collaborators. The purpose of the film was to thank them for their loyalty, remind them of everything they had been through together, to say goodbye and to ask them to carry on as if he was still with them. However, as the cameras role, Walt’s intimate reflections soon begin to take on a life of their own! The play is 80 minutes long with no intermission, and is Rated PG for adult language.

Fri and Sat are at 7:30pm. Sunday is 2:00pm.