The Revolutionists


Jennifer Benoit as Olympe de Gouges

Lauren Jehle as Charlotte Corday

Stacy Hasselbacher as Marie Antoinette

Nicolette Wagner as Marianne Angelle

The Revolutionists is a story of wit, beauty, and strength, and is based on four powerful women who took on the French Revolution during its Reign of Terror, 1793. Even though the four women never actually met, they were real and their stories were real. The four women: playwright Olympe de Gouges performed by Jennifer Benoit, assassin Charlotte Corday performed by Lauren Jehle, former Queen Marie Antoinette performed by Stacy Hasselbacher, Haitian rebel Marianne Angelle performed by Nicolette “Nicee" Wagner, all met similar ends at the guillotine in 1793. 

Director Georgia Athearn selected The Revolutionists, not only for its amazing strong female characters, but for its political message that all persons, all citizens, have equal rights under the law of the land.  Lauren Gunderson (currently one of the most produced playwrights in the country) intertwines their stories into an accumulative voice that shouts for freedom and rights for all women, something that surely resonates in today’s world. She has expertly woven their causes together using modern dialogue, comedic humor and a dash of tragic drama to capture and seduce us into their reality. 

“…in this sparkling work, politics is very, very funny, [Gunderson] knows it’s tricky to present

entertaining, yet socially driven art, but she does so without losing the rhythm and forward

momentum of her characters…These are hilarious and loveable women trapped in a history

with a somber final act.” -Houston Chronicle