Audition Notice: The Red Velvet Cake War


The Red Velvet Cake War

By Jones, Hope & Wooten

Directed By Cameron Illidge Welch


Saturday Sept 7th from 11-2

Callbacks Sunday, September 8th from 6-8.

Show dates: December 6 through December 22, 2024


Rehearsals begin September 29


Direct all questions to the director at:



In this riotously funny Southern-fried comedy, the three Verdeen cousins—Gaynelle, Peaches, and Jimmie Wyvette—could not have picked a worse time to throw their family reunion. Their outrageous antics have delighted local gossips in the small town of Sweetgum and the eyes of Texas are upon them. Things spin hilariously out of control when a neighbor’s pet devours everything edible, a one-eyed suitor shows up to declare his love, and a jaw-dropping high-stakes wager is made on who bakes the best red velvet cake. As this fast-paced romp barrels toward its uproarious climax, you’ll wish your own family reunions were this much fun!


All roles, unless otherwise announced, are open to members of all ethnic/national origins, races, creeds, orientations, and abilities. We encourage members of diverse backgrounds and abilities to audition for our production.


Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Callbacks will consist of group readings from the script with other auditioners that are called back.


• A tentative rehearsal calendar will be provided upon auditioning. Rehearsal conflicts

must be noted on the audition form.

• Resumes and headshots are welcomed but not required.

• Auditioners should arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled audition time to complete

audition forms.

• Auditioners who are called back should plan on staying for the entirety of the call back or until dismissed by the director.





NOTE: Actors must be able to represent the age ranges in the character descriptions. Please note accent requirements associated with specific characters:

*Southern (TX preferred) accent required

**Heavy Southern accent needed

☆Accent written into the script is sort of a blend of German/Russian/Transylvanian


Cee Cee Windham (F, late 40s to 50): Sassy and stylish hostess of Hospitality House, a low-budget cable access program in Sweetgum, Texas. Best friend to Gaynelle Verdeen Bodeen.


Gaynelle Verdeen Bodeen (F, late 40s, early 50s): A walking nervous breakdown, who is fresh off being left by her husband of 27 years for a younger, red-headed woman. There was an incident involving her car going into the double wide of said woman’s, for which she has narrowly escaped prosecution. Must pass a psych evaluation in order to be completely acquitted. Eats whipped cream straight from the can.


*LaMerle Verdeen Minshew (F, late 60s to 70): The well-dressed, self-serving, sharp-tongued matriarch of the Verdeen clan. Uptight, elitist whose red velvet cake is legendary.


**Uncle Aubrey Verdeen (M, 80s): The good-natured, oxygen-dependent patriarch of the Verdeen family, who wears a nasal cannula attached to his ever-present oxygen tank on wheels. Is an old bachelor and ladies’ man. Great Uncle to Gaynelle, Jimmie Wy, and Peaches. Uncle to LaMerle.


*Jimmie Wyvette Verdeen (F, 40s): A hearty good ol’ girl with an unfortunate unibrow,

dressed in classic men’s Western wear. Has worked at Whatley’s Western Wear for 23 years, not a big fan of make-up. Not often interested in men but has decided to compete with Bitsy for a neighboring widower.


*Peaches Verdeen Belrose (F, late 40s, early 50s): A loud-talking, fun-loving, flashy dresser…The number one mortuarial cosmetologist in this part of the state (TX). Her husband has been missing 7 years, and she is finally ready to declare him legally dead. She has “urges” since her husband’s been gone and is now on the prowl. A busy working woman who is the most put together of the three cousins.


**Bitsy Hargis (F, late 40s, early 50s): Perky, prim, nosy and a throwback to the 1950s. A bit of a southern viper: nice and sweet to your face, vicious when she doesn’t get her way. Very competitive over a neighboring widower she is trying to “land.”


*Newt Blaylock (M, 50s): A high-energy, true Texas eccentric with a patch over one eye, holds a foam head wearing a platinum blonde beehive wig. Runs Miss Treva’s Wig ‘N’ Bait, wears an eye patch due to a missing eye. Has a crush on Gaynelle, must fend off Peaches’ and Elsa’s advances.


☆Elsa Dowdall (F, 40s to 50s): Psychologist assigned to evaluate Gaynelle. European-born, stern and ultra-efficient. Becomes obsessed with Newt at one point and pursues him aggressively.


*Sheriff Grover Lout (M, 50s, flexible): Mirrored shades and a bad attitude, somewhat

skittish and incompetent, bribable. Definitely likes to throw his weight around, abuses his  power. (The actor cast in this role will also play Purvis Verdeen–see description below.)


*Mama Doll Hargis (F, 80s to 120): Special lady to Uncle Aubrey, mother to Bitsy Hargis, a lively lady.


**Purvis Verdeen (M, 50s to 60s, flexible): Cousin to Gaynelle, Peaches, and Jimmie Wy. Loves to take and show pictures of dead relatives. Wears flashy plaid pants pulled up almost to his armpits. (The actor cast in this role will also play Sheriff Grover Lout–see description above.)