Agatha Christie’s


Directed by Pete Parkin

JULY 8, 12-3pm.  JULY 9, 4-7pm

In the Casa (the house behind the theatre)

Performances: Oct.13-Nov.5th

Cold readings from the script

Sides provided


Henrietta Angkatell. 30’s. A sculptress

Sir Henry Angkatell. A distinguished looking “elderly” man.

Midge Harvey  Younger than Henrietta

Gudgen. The Butler

Edward Angkatell 40’s a bookish man

Doris The Maid terrified of Gudgen

Gerda Cristow Timid and rather stupid

John Cristow late 30’s Handsome

Veronica Craye Movie Star looks- and knows it.

Inspector Colquhoun

Detective Sargent Penny

^^These two could be anything while always being an Agatha Christie Inspector.

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